If they haven’t heard about you, they probably haven’t heard from you.

Direct Marketing solves this problem.

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Carolina Reaper

1.4-2.2 Scoville Units

We present to you, our most optimized marketing program which combines the effectiveness of direct mail with the genius of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and YouTube follow-up ads. It does exactly what it says… It puts your business everywhere it needs to be to drive qualified leads and revenue to you.

Welcome Home Program

Trinidad Moruga

1.2-2.0 Scoville Units

The Welcome Home programs puts your business front and center with an audience that needs you.What if you could automatically send new movers in your service area a postcard that welcomes them by name and introduces your business at the same time? Cha-ching… that’s what. And that’s exactly what our “Welcome Home Program does.

Website to Mailbox

Ghost Peppers

855-1.04 Scoville Units

Send Direct Mail retargeting postcards to anonymous prospects that are visiting your Web-Site. Creepy? nope, just a really hot solution to get in front of more prospects. You now have the power to send physical print postcards to prospects who visit your website even before they’ve provided you with their contact information.

@The Job Drop

Chocolate Habenero

435-577 Scoville Units

Connect with more homeowners in areas where you are currently working. Every neighbor loves to know what the other neighbors are installing. With @The Job Drop, let them know what you are doing in the community. Direct mail and postcard solutions automated from your local zip codes.

The Farmer

Red Savina

350-500 Scoville Units

Strategically plant postcards and direct mail where you want your business to grow. Have you ever wanted to completely own and entire demographic. Now is your chance with The Farmer. Strategically target and grow your business from the ground up.

Going Deep

Scotch Bonnet

100-350 Scoville Units

Never forget the GoldMine you are sitting on in your CRM and Database. With Going Deep, we will create a direct marketing solution to reach back out and ignite new business from your past relationships. When was the last time you said, Happy Birthday to your clients? Or Remind them of their Install Anniversary? With going deep, we automate your postcard follow up.

Is your BRAND reaching your customers?

People do business with people they know,
like,trust and most importantly REMEMBER.

Do your customers, clients, prospects REMEMBER YOUR BRAND or COMPANY when they need you the most?

How it works

Multichannel marketing campaign in 3 easy steps


Your customer

Use the mapping tool to target new prospects and current customers using an array of customer data points.


Your ads

Create a custom ad, use an existing ad, or select from a ton of templates. We’ll help design and write it.

Your campaign

Decide on timing frequency and other aspects of your campaign. Then launch it and you’re done.

7 Spicy-Good Direct Mail Marketing Stats

Get ready to be shaken to your very core at these figures that show the insidious power of direct mail marketing!

Fact #1: 72% of people read direct mail the day it comes

Over 7 out of every 10 consumers who receive a piece of direct mail read it the same day they receive it. Is it due to insidious powers of mind control?

Thankfully for the concept of free will, the answer to that is no. In our State of Direct Mail: Consumer Insights report, we found a much simpler reason for this direct mail marketing stat: well-designed campaigns. One consistent finding is that direct mail best attracts consumer attention when combined with personalization and multi-channel campaigns encompassing digital mediums.

Fact #2: Direct mail inspires 62% of consumers to take action

Whether it be through motivating people to head to a website, visit a retail location, check via a search engine, or buy a product or service outright, direct mail has at some point motivated 6 in 10 people to take action. We’ve yet to confirm whether this power has been used for spooky evil-doing…

The best way for direct mail to encourage consumers to take action is to ensure that every touchpoint in a marketing campaign — whether it be your emails, social posts, or webpages — has consistent visuals and messaging. Through consistent imagery and stories, you can be in the best place to reinforce and encourage customers to move from curiosity to active engagement with your brand.

Fact #3: 78% of consumers have shared direct mail with their family

Something is spreading among friends and families around the world. Should we be afraid of a zombie pandemic overwhelming all of us?!

Thankfully, no. We’re still talking about direct mail. Our Consumer Insights survey also found that nearly 4 out of every 5 people have shared direct mail with their family, with 40% of consumers reporting they do it sometimes and 11% stating that they share direct mail with family members often. That means a lot of direct mailings that can secure multiple viewings from a single send!

Over half of those who’ve shared direct mail with family did so because it contained a coupon, shared discount, or promotion. So if you want to get in front of tonnes of relatives, incentives are a great place to start!

Fact #4: Half of consumers expect direct mail to be personalized

Consumers aren’t happy with a generic salutation for their direct mail anymore. Instead, they want you to peer into your crystal ball and ensure that their direct mail reflects them, their life stage, and their preferences.

We’ve found that 52% of consumers now expect direct mail marketing to be personalized to them. This direct mail marketing stat should always be in your mind when sending out campaigns, with consumers developing ever keener eyes to discriminate between personalized and un-personalized direct mailers.

Fact #5: 44% of consumers prefer to be introduced to brands by direct mail

A stranger shows up at your door. Although that sounds like a hook for a horror movie, it’s actually the preferred way for consumers to be introduced to brands. We’ve found that 44% of consumers find that direct mail is their preferred communication channel with brands they don’t know.

Direct mail is a significant first point of contact with brands for every age group. 53% of consumers aged 55+ report that they’re often introduced to brands by direct mail, followed by 51% of those aged 34-54 and 44% of those aged 18-34.

Fact #6: 70% of consumers opt for at least some paper statements from brands

Isn’t it true that digital (marketing) has killed the paper(-based marketing) star? In fact, no! Seven out of 10 consumers report that they still want to receive at least some paper correspondence from brands.

This even holds for younger generations, with 72% of 18-24-year-olds reporting that they still receive at least some paper statements from brands, with 17% reporting they’ve not opted into any paperless scheme. Ultimately, this all means that direct mail marketing is still aligned with consumer preferences, especially when included as part of omnichannel campaigns that leverage digital mediums.

Fact #7: 55+-year-olds want direct mail as their first point of contact with brands

Rather than being a bother, consumers aged 55 and over actually prefer direct mail over any other medium to connect with brands they don’t know, with 62% stating that direct mail marketing was their first preference for such brands. This is also true for brands consumers in this age range are aware of but don’t have a relationship with yet, with 56% preferring direct mail for communications from these brands.

But that’s not to say that direct mail is the only thing that 55+-year-olds want, with 64% preferring that brands they have a relationship with email them first. That’s yet more evidence that direct mail has to be located in omnichannel campaigns to be truly effective!

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